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Tom Knapp is a freestyle exhibition shooter,

that travels the World for Benelli Arms Company and the Legendary Winchester Ammunition Company. He has performed throughout Europe and the Mid-East covering as many as 14 Countries in 4 months!

He has been contracted by Winchester Ammunition  since 1990 and  Benelli since 1993 however, Tom has been performing for the public since 1987 and has entertained audiences as large as 8000 spectators at a single performance.

He has appeared on numerous National and local TV networks over these years and is currently appearing on two major National networks. Find out where and when on his "What's New" page.

Tom holds two distinctive World Records in 'Freestyle Target Shooting' or 'Exhibition Shooting' which made history in the shooting industry!

  • 1993 in the semi-auto class, hand throwing 9 standard size clay targets without assistance and striking each with a separate shot with a Benelli M-1 Field.
  • 2000 in the manual class (pump-gun), hand throwing 8 standard size clay targets without assistance and striking each with a separate shot with the new Benelli Nova.

Tom's Show Schedule page will reveal places and events that he will be appearing during 2002. Check it closely to see if you can attend one of them. It's truly a performance you won't want to miss!

Tom likes to interact with everyone so if you have questions, comments, or just want to say hi, you can do so through his
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To Contact Tom, Use The Information Below:

Tom Knapp
14618 County Road 35
Elk River, MN  55330

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