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Herb Parsons

As stated on the "What's New" page, one of Tom's idols is Herb Parsons. Although Tom never had the opportunity to see any of Herb's extraordinary live shooting exhibitions, the media was still buzzing about Herb during the late 50's and early 60's, which was the exact time when Tom was introduced to his first Daisy air gun! You can imagine Tom's reading skills improving right along with his shooting skills, as long as it was the "Outdoor Life or "Field & Stream" magazines. To find out more about Herb Parsons and how to get his video, "THE SHOWMAN SHOOTER", click on the URL below.

Dapkus Exploding Targets

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Everyone wants to know what Tom uses for his "special effects"! They also ask "how does he put it together"?

The, "how", part might be hard to find out. The, "what", part is easy! Click on the link below and look for the "Bullz-I Exploding Targets".

"Keep it safe & responsible and get a
REAL BANG for your buck!"
                                                                                          Tom Knapp


Custom Sportswear

Proper fitting clothing that has been designed for a particular sport can make a big difference in the outcome of success. This is why Tom ended up choosing "Custom Sportswear" for his shooting apparel.

Tom's not getting any younger and when his routines demand a repetitious anchor point and shooting from various uncomfortable positions, the tailor-fit shooting shirts, vests and jackets that he has acquired from Custom Sportswear have filled the bill!

Click on the URL below and see how you can better your scores with very affordable tailor made shooting apparel from "Custom Sportswear"

Because of the amount of traveling Tom does, "HIGH" security is a must! That's why Tom has installed the "Worlds Best" security system and products from Fort Knox Security Products.

Have a look at their unique product line by clicking on their URL below.


Biodegradable Targets

Tom Says:

"The greatest invention since the standard "Clay Target" replaced the "Glass Ball"! Now shooting facilities and "farm pasture" target shooters alike can enjoy target shooting in any safe area and leave behind only the natural materials that the
White Flyer Bio Targets are made from"!

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Tom gets the opportunity to test many different shooting related items and when he finds something he likes, they'll show up here!

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